Jade Rebecca Adams

Resetting and realignment with NLP and Life Coaching

Do you have an issue that is affecting your quality of life?

Do you need realignment with your core values and purpose? Are you lost and needing guidance? 

I work with one over-arching ethos: it’s okay, I can help. 


What People Say

"That sense of knowing that she’s been there too really helps put you at ease and to know that there is no judgement, only openness, empathy, and a desire to help. Amazing session - thank you so much Jade!"
Alison M
"I was really impressed and would highly recommend Jade, her calm nature and expertise are well worth it."
Nichola Cosgrove

I can help if you:

How you’re going to feel after the session:

Need to reset?

NLP can help you reconnect with your innate wellbeing. 

Nobody came into the world feeling stressed, or anxious, or afraid of spiders, or craving a cigarette. These are behaviours that we collect or learn. NLP can reset you back to your natural state, which is to be okay, quicker than you’d think.

The areas I work in are:

Need Realignment?

Life Coaching can help you realign with your life purpose. Life is fast and complicated, and its demands can quickly pull us out of shape and leave us little time to truly reflect. This is where a series of carefully structured life coaching sessions can help you realign with your own sense of inner knowing and direction.

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