Jade Rebecca Adams

Life Coaching

I am a transformational life coach who has been trained by one the world’s leading life coaches (as well as NLP master and hypnotherapist), Ali Campbell.

In life, the way forward isn’t always clear. We can get stuck. Things get on top of us. We can feel like we don’t know what to do, and sometimes like it’s out of our control – that’s there’s nothing we can do.

My life coaching process will help you to reclaim control over your life, to realign yourself with your life purpose and tap into our inner sense of knowing.

Life coaching works best when you’re seeking to undergo a transformation.

How You’ll Feel After Our Sessions

How I work

Most people, when they hear word “coach”, think of performance coaches – coaches who are going to set you goals that you’re going to meet and then they’ll set you another goal. I don’t work this way. I will never give you homework for between sessions, or set goals for you, or really make any suggestions at all. I aim to guide you back to your own knowing. I believe that having access to your own answers is more empowering and more authentic than having a coach making suggestions.

Performance coaching works on changing things on the outside. I believe that change should begin on the inside.

Once we change our internal settings and get things right inside ourselves,

things on the outside change too and they change in response to us. We’re not toiling away, struggling to change our lives. We’re working on powerful, internal change and the external will adapt to us, rather than the other way around, and this the fastest way to achieve long-term change.

With transformational life coaching, you can expect to be asked questions – some simple, some not so much – and they will challenge you to think about how you live your life. When we see how we’re reacting to the world, how we’re thinking about life, it can bring us a completely new perspective. And when you change the perspective, you often change the whole nature of the problem.

The structure

This style of life coaching is structured as 10 sessions over 10 weeks, each lasting up to an hour. Some of these sessions will be shorter and some will be longer depending on what hits home with you. Breakthroughs can happen at any point over the course of these sessions, it can even happen between sessions, when you’re reflecting and processing.

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