Jade Rebecca Adams

I'm Jade and I work in the field of personal development, specifically in NLP and life coaching.

Having used these methods on myself, I can vouch for their effectiveness. If I don’t know something works, if I can’t feel a difference using the techniques on myself, I don’t use them with my clients.

I work in a supportive, informative way to empower you to make the right choices for you which promote your goals. Depending on the type of session we’re doing together, my goal is to get you free of old habits or behaviours, provide insights, or give you a new perspective to help you realign.

One common thread that runs through my sessions is that I’ll never tell you what to do.

I’ll use whichever tool is appropriate to guide you to a place where you can see your answers clearly, hear your inner knowing, and feel in control.

A few things you should know about me:

How These Tools Helped Me

My personal story…

I used to suffer with attacks of anxiety. I’d get stuck on certain things and not be able to let them go. I’d keep thinking back over and over the same thing and get very anxious about it. Even if it had happened months ago, I’d remember it like it was yesterday and beat myself up the same as I did on the day it happened. I couldn’t shake it. I had a good life, no crippling worries, I had no specific reason to be anxious, I just was.

I didn’t have a clear direction. Every time I talked to someone close to me about what was going on in my life, I felt these judging eyes upon me, probing me for information, for justification of why I didn’t have anything concrete going.

The important thing to note here is that very little was said in evidence of this. This was what I believed they were thinking, so this was just a projection of what I thought about myself.

I realised I needed to sort myself out.

I started trying different self-help and self-study methods.

My head was starting to get into a better place, but I was still torn, stuck, and confused. Life coaching struck me as a way to take control of my life, align everything, and change my thinking because it was my thinking that was going wrong.

It changed my whole perspective and way of operating. I took myself through the life coaching model that I use with clients, and it changed things for me.

Now I look back and almost have to laugh a little bit because I was tying myself in knots and it was so easy to untie them.

I was happy, still a bit anxious from time to time, but better.

 A personal crisis hit, and I went from functioning anxious to being so anxious that the only way I could function was to blast music through headphones or bury my head in a book and read to myself in a loud voice.

So, the anxiety had to go. I’m not one for meditating and my thoughts were so plentiful and the doubting voice so loud in my head that meditation was more of battle than anything to be enjoyed.

Ali Campbell, my life coaching mentor, is also a gifted NLP practitioner. He was running a two-hour Zoom meeting that was a taster in NLP with the option to join his course. There was a little video attached in which he explained the ethos of NLP and what areas it could help, anxiety being one of them. I worked through the course, used the techniques on myself, and I haven’t had an anxiety attack or suffered with a noisy head since.

So that’s how I came to work in the areas I work in. Each subject helps in different areas. NLP and life coaching help in different areas and work really well together. I needed both of sort out my own life.

With your commitment, time, patience, and a willingness to be very honest with yourself, it can work for you too.

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