Jade Rebecca Adams

I was trained in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) by world-renowned NLP master, hypnotherapist, life coach, and bestselling author, Ali Campbell.

If you experience anxiety attacks, a fear of spiders, or want to stop smoking, these are the sorts of areas I can help with.

I work in a resetting model. Your default setting is to be okay. No one came into the world anxious or afraid of flying. We picked these up, we learned them. So, I reset you back to the time before this thing was learned, back to that innate wellness. 

This leaves you free to be the best version of yourself, with a clear, quiet, calm head.


Anxiety is a common condition and something that NLP is very effective in helping to alleviate.

The State

I suffered with anxiety for a few years, but I don’t anymore thanks to NLP. I’ve been in those edgy, fractious, worrying, anticipating “what if” states. Lots of people will say to calm down or why are getting so worked up over something that small? But that doesn’t work when you’re anxious.


What People Say

"I’ve had a fear of dentists for over 25 years, to the point where I just don’t go, which I know is not a good thing. One session with Jade has fixed that to the point where I can’t recall the terrifying pictures and feelings of utter dread that have been with me for years – now, there’s just a sense of detachment from all of that. I highly recommend you get in touch with her if you have a fear of dentists or any other phobias that you want to be free from. We had a chat beforehand about her own journey in overcoming anxiety (which is something else she can help with), and I think that sense of knowing that she’s been there too really helps put you at ease and to know that there is no judgement, only openness, empathy, and a desire to help. Amazing session - thank you so much Jade!"
Alison M

When you’re plotting “what if-s”, the gears are already turning.

Saying calm down to someone who’s worrying about endless possibilities is like trying to stop a cruise liner moving just by shutting off the engine. It keeps drifting, the momentum keeps it going. The boat will run out of momentum – eventually. The “what if” catastrophising will stop – eventually. But not immediately.

One “what if” thought leads to another, and another. This probably continues until something else sets off a big reaction and that expends some of the anxious energy. But, even after this release, you probably won’t go to calm, it’ll be a lesser level of anxiety, until it starts building again.

All of this leaves you exhausted, physically, mentally and emotionally, unable to concentrate on the tasks at hand, and too loud in your head to enjoy leisure time and relax into the present moment.

How would it be if those states never got going, so that a “what if” thought comes and just passes you by as a thought about a thing that you don’t
need to engage with?

The Outcome:
Calm. Peace and quiet in your mind.

This is not to say that nothing will ever get you worked up – of course it will, because that’s life. After our session, you’ll go back to calm.

Like I said, I have been there with anxiety. I’ve had the rushing thoughts, the nagging/doubting voice, the plunging, churning feeling in the stomach, and the shortness of breath – and those are just a few of the many symptoms that anxiety can manifest. I’ve been there and, since discovering NLP, and using the techniques on myself, I’ve not gone there again. I’d love to do the same for you.

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